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BackgroundContextMenu Properties

The BackgroundContextMenu type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActualize
The ToolStripItem 'refresh'
Public propertyArrangeIcons
Returns the dynamic collection of ToolStripItems for the sortable columns.
Public propertyArrangeIconsString
The localizable string of the sort entry in the menu. Unfortunately we cannot provide a windows shell default string for this.
Public propertyInsert
Contains the ToolStripItem 'paste'
Public propertyInsertAsLink
The toolstrip item to insert a link to file(s) on the the clipboard, this functionality is not yet available, hence the items is not added to the background context menu per default.
Public propertyListView
Gets or sets the listview this context menu is associated with
Protected propertyNewFileFolder
The drop down menu item containing the new NewFolder item.
Protected propertyNewFolder
The menu item to create a new folder in the current directory
Protected propertyNewShortcut
The menu item to create a new shortcut in the current directory
Protected propertyProperties
Returns the "Properties" toolstrip menu item
Public propertyView
Returns the collection ToolStripItems for different view modes.
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