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SmartCallMonitor is a phone call monitoring software for Windows. SmartCallMonitor provides you with up-to-date information about the caller/called of the incoming/outgoing phone call. This information appears in a pop-up window directly above the Windows system tray. SmartCallMonitor integrates without any difficulties into your existing MS Office installation and provides a convenient way for data exchange with Outlook by a single mouse click. Also your Google contacts can be imported into SmartCallMonitor.

SmartCallMonitor uses the transmitted Caller ID to gather more information about the caller/called. This information is first looked up in the internal contacts, then by looking it up in your Outlook contact list and last but not least by data-mining an online telephone book. If there is an Office version installed on your system, the Outlook look-up will be performed first. If there is no Outlook installed on your system (or the Outlook look-up was without success), a reverse search in an online telephone book will be performed (the german online phone book "Das Örtliche" is the default service, but other pre-configured services can be chosen as well). The found information is stored automatically in the internal contact book.

Additionally, SmartCallMonitor offers a convenient logging function for calls. The information about a call can be stored in a simple text file or in the Outlook journal for easy archiving and reviewing.

In addition to that, the SmartCallMonitor Full version offers the possibility of a client-server installation. A SmartCallMonitor installation on a PC (or server) can now share line and call information of TAPI lines with other installations on other PCs. Therefore you now only need one central TAPI configuration on the network. For every line each user has a set of permissions.

Multiple clients can use the same database to share contacts and call history entries. This f.ex. allows to share notes on a certain call between different clients.