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More than 90% of all emails are usually undesirable and thus considered as SPAM. In order to save time e.g. through reading and deleting such unwanted emails you’ll need an effective spam detection program that identifies unwanted emails in advance and possibly reject them.

SpamAssassin for Windows is a powerful email filter, using a variety of mechanisms including text analysis, Bayesian filtering as well as DNS requests to block known spam senders. Thus the software is one of the most effective anti-spam solutions at all.

Beside various Plug-Ins the freeware includes the following SpamAssassin components as executable Windows applications (exe.):

spamassassin.exe (Mail filter)

spamd.exe (SpamAssassin as a server process (Daemon))

spamc.exe (Client for server process)

sa-update.exe (a program to update filter-rule-settings)

sa-learn.exe (trains the Bayes-Filter in regards to spam-/ham-mails)

SpamAssassin is a project of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and has been ported for Windows by JAM Software. Using a MTA (Message Transfer Agent) in combination with SpamAssassin for Windows provides you a very effective anti-spam solution.


Please note:

SpamAssassin for Windows will not integrate into other applications as it is much more like a "service" that can be contacted to evaluate emails and thus indicates a probability whether it is an unwanted email or not. You therefore need to have an additional mail-routing program that is capable of using and interpreting the results from SpamAssassin, running in accordance with all defined procedures.

Hence the use of SpamAssassin for Windows on a productive server needs to be monitored by a Windows service in addition. We therefore highly recommend "SpamAssassin in a Box" for the professional use of SpamAssassin.

A detailed functional overview regarding our spamfilter software is available on our spamfilter comparison.

For the use and cooperation of SpamAssassin with external POP3 accounts, and / or an exchange server, we highly recommend our product solutions "SmartPOP2Exchange" or "Exchange Server Toolbox".

Both software solutions already include numerous additional features and do have SpamAssassin already preconfigured within the installation.