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The Snapshot feature of TreeSize provides a quick overview on the development of disk space usage for the selected path. A snapshot can be described as "photography" of the disk space status at a certain point in time. It is created within seconds and Windows will automatically delete it if the space it occupies is needed. The amount of disk space reserved for snapshots can easily be configured via TreeSize or the Windows System Configuration (Tools > Configure Windows System Restore).

Creating a snapshot

Creating snapshots from within TreeSize is only supported for local drives, not for network drives. You need to run TreeSize as administrator in order to be able to create snapshots.

To create a new Snapshot, please click the "Create snapshot" button on the "Tools" Ribbon tab. Creating the snapshot may take a moment.

If the feature is disabled on the system, no snapshot can be created for any local partition. Check the settings in your Windows environment via Control Panel > System and Security > Computer Protection : it must be switched to ON for the system partition and for every partition you want to use with the snapshot feature.

This feature is not supported on Windows XP.

Comparison with a snapshot

You can compare a current scan with a previous scan using the comparison feature. This gives you an in-depth overview of each folder and file and its size development since the creation of the given snapshot. Not only remote Windows systems are supported, but also non-Windows systems like storage system from NetApp and EMC.