Tools Tab

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Tools Tab

On the Tools tab, you will find several useful TreeSize- and Windows-specific functions.



Opens the options dialog for TreeSize. The drop-down button also provides access to the menu items facilitating the export/import and reset of the application settings.


Open TreeSize File Search

Starts the TreeSize File Search with all available types of file search (largest files, oldest files, etc.) for the currently selected branch. For more information about the TreeSize File Search, please refer to chapter Using TreeSize File Search.

Manage scheduled scans

Shows all scheduled tasks of TreeSize. Tasks can be customized here.

Create snapshot

Creates a new Snapshot for this system. Snapshots can be used at a later time to analyze size development by comparing the data of the snapshot with that of a recent scan.

Create portable installation

Creates an installation of the Professional edition as a portable version, e.g. on a USB Stick. All of the settings will be saved to the specified installation directory.



Empty recycle bin

Deletes all items in the recycle bin to free up disk space.

Remove obsolete software

Opens the Windows Control Panel applet to uninstall software.

Configure Windows System Restore

Define how much space the Windows System Restore feature can use on your local hard drive.


Map network drive

Opens the Windows "Map Network Drive" dialog.