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View Tab

The ribbon tab View contains all actions and elements influencing the general appearance of the application.


Select active View

Selects the view that is shown in the right panel of the application



Shows the size of files and folders.

Allocated space

Shows occupied disk space on the hard disk, aka "size on disk ".

Number of files

Show the number of files in folders.


Show how much percent of the parent folder each folder occupies.



If this option is activated, TreeSize will automatically select the most appropriate size unit.


Show size values in terabyte (TB).


Show size values in gigabyte (GB).


Show size values in megabyte (MB).


Show size values in kilobyte (KB).


Show size values in byte (B).


Sets the number of decimals shown in displayed values.


Sort by size

Sort items by size (descending order).

Sort by name

Sort items in alphabetical order.


Group scans

Groups all scans in the Directory Tree to receive the total results for all scans. See also "Group scans in the Directory Tree".

Show size changes

Shows size changes instead of current values in the Directory Tree. This view option can only be toggled if the current scan was compared with an XML report or snapshot. See also "Size comparison".


Drive list

Show or hide Drive List.

Scan overview

Show or hide scan overview toolbar (provides information such as total size and number of files and folders for the currently selected scan). Right clicking on the overview allows you to define whether it should wrap around or truncate the shown information in case it does not fit.

Status bar

Show or hide status bar (provides information on active scan filters and or errors that occurred during scan process).

Hide empty folders

If activated, all folders with zero files will be hidden. This is particularly useful if there a lot of such folders because a filter is applied.

Hide elements smaller than

If activated elements smaller than the specified size will be hidden.