Application Menu

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Application Menu

The Application Menu (or "File" menu) allows you to select folders for scanning, open up new instances of TreeSize Free, and print collected data.



Recently Scanned

List of recently scanned paths and drives. Clicking a path will start a scan of this path.

Select Directory

Shows a dialog which lets you choose a folder for scanning. When the selection has been confirmed, TreeSize Free starts scanning the selected path.



Refreshes the currently selected scan.

Stop Scan

Stops a currently active scan. This will abort the current scan process but not remove the data gathered so far from the view.

New Instance

Creates an additional Instance of TreeSize Free.

Start TreeSize as Administrator

Restart TreeSize Free with administrator privileges.

Please note: This button is available only if TreeSize Free was not started with administrator privileges.



Contains the export functions (print and export to PDF)

Export > PDF File

Export the data collected by the current scan to a PDF file.

Export > Print Report

Print the data collected by the current scan.

Export > Print Setup

Configure the printer and its settings.



Shows version number and contact information.


Closes TreeSize Free.