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Options Tab

The ribbon tab Options contains more detailed options, defining the appearance and behavior of TreeSize Free.




Define filtering options for TreeSize Free. Please find more detailed information in the topic "Filter".

Clear Filter

Remove active filtering options.

Hide empty folders

If this option is enabled, all folders that contain no files (after the current filter settings have been applied) will be hidden.



Allows to select the type of tooltips shown for folders hovered within the Directory Tree:


Only for cut off labels

Tooltips will show only the name of the hovered element if the name isn't already fully visible.

Show long Tooltips

If activated, Tooltips with information about the file or folder will be shown in a tooltip in Directory Tree by hovering an entry

Show a preview of the current folder's content

Shows a popup window with the content of the currently hovered element. This allows to quickly view the content of the element without changing selection or expanding it.


User Interface

Allows you to switch between the classic and the touch optimized user interface .

User Interface > Style > Classic

Check to start TreeSize Free with classic user interface on every start.

User Interface > Style > Dark

Check to start TreeSize Free with a dark mode interface on every start. Only available if the system supports Dark Mode.

User Interface > Style > Detect automatically

This option allows TreeSize Free to automatically detect which user interface should be used.

User Interface >Touch optimization > Touch

Check to start TreeSize Free with touch optimized user interface on every start.

User Interface >Touch optimization > Normal

Check to start TreeSize Free with normal user interface on every start.

User Interface >Touch optimization > Detect automatically

This function allows TreeSize Free automatically detect whether touch optimization should be used.



Set the language to use TreeSize Free with here.



Shows up a collection of additional options.

Options > Show Size Indicators

Determines whether the gradients should be drawn in the background of the directory tree or not

Options > Show Compressed Files and Folders in blue

If this option is selected, compressed files on an NTFS volume are shown in a blue color. Folders that are partially compressed will have a dark blue color, files and folders that are entirely compressed will show up in a light blue color.

Options > Show large elements in bold

If this option is selected, large elements are shown in bold. A large element is a file or folder, which makes at least 15% of the total size of the scan.

Options > Show dates with time values

Defines whether date values (e.g. in "Last Modified" or "Last Access") should include exact time information.

Options > Show Files in Directory Tree

Determines whether just folders should be shown in Directory Tree or the contained files are only displayed.

Options > Expand also [Files] items

Enable this option to extend also the [Files]-Directory when expanding the directory tree.

Options > Show preceding values in details view

If activated, the caption of the standard view is used for the name column in the details view. If deactivated, the "Name" column on the details view will show the name of the element only.

Options > Show Error Messages after Scan

If activated, a window with errors collected during the scan will show up once the scan has finished. This window may also be opened by clicking the errors-link in the status bar.

Options > Scan with one Thread only

To achieve a better performance, TreeSize Free uses multi-threading as default to scan drives and folders. This option determines to only uses one thread to run through file systems.

Options > Determine icons based on file extension only (faster)

If this option is selected, the default icon for files based on the file extension is used. This is much faster, especially on network drives.


Show TreeSize in Explorer Context Menu

Configures the Windows Explorer context menu integration of TreeSize Free.

Always start this application as administrator

Checking for administrator priviliges every time TreeSize Free is started.