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Tips & Annotations

The following information is important.  Provided are instructions and information which makes understanding of TreeSize and how to use it easier.

General Tips

The allocated space that Windows shows in the properties dialog of the drive may be larger than the allocated space reported by TreeSize Free. The Windows Explorer shows the space that is physically allocated on the drive while TreeSize Free shows the space that is occupied by all files under a certain path. Please make sure that you have the view option "Allocated Space" activated when you are interested in the physically allocated space. Another reason for this difference can be that not all parts of the drive could be scanned due to access restrictions. Therefore it is highly recommended to run TreeSize Free as administrator. Turn on "View > Options > Show Errors Messages" to be notified if a folder cannot be scanned. Beyond the space that is needed for storing the files itself, additional space is used for storing management data like the File Allocation Table of the file system or the boot sector. It is not possible to free this space with TreeSize Free or any other tool. This is usually 0.5 - 2% of the occupied space. Another possibility is that you are using a Software RAID - like Windows offers - which spreads the data with redundancy over several disks. These disks will appear as one logical volume and the failure of a single disk will not cause any data loss. But for storing the redundant information, additional space is needed. On Thinkpad laptops the Rescue&Recovery feature may use a lot of disk space in the folder "RRBackup" which is not accessible to other applications.

All folders which are visible in the window, will be included in the printed report. If you want a complete report, select the top folder and select "Full Expand" from the context menu.

The indicator bars in the background, which can be selected to appear in the View menu, indicate the size of a folder relative to the scanned folders.

With the detailed view, you can use the "optical media size" column to determine how much space a directory tree would occupy on a CD-ROM.

By default the Windows folder "System Volume Information" is not accessible for users as well as Administrators (you can check this in the Windows Explorer after switching the hidden files to "on").

Only file system folders can be scanned with TreeSize Free.

TreeSize Free shows system and context menus with the currently selected UI language, if the according language pack is installed in Windows.

Our products check for updates regularly. Only the ID of the product is transmitted to our server, which replies with the latest version number. This can be turned off at "Help > Check for Update".

The Professional and the Personal Edition can also take NTFS Alternate Data Streams and hardlinks into account and so produce more exact results.



We are proud of the popularity of our award-winning disk space management software TreeSize and would love to offer it to everyone in her/his native language. In this way, all our worldwide users can enjoy localized TreeSize software with ease. TreeSize Free is already available in German and English. Thanks to the help of our great volunteer translators we are able to provide these translations:

Bulgarian: Thanks to 3 anonymous translators

Chinese (Simplified): Thanks to streambun, Adrian Zhang, 偶爱偶家, CJKCHINA, Neptune, Zhihao Wang, and 4 anonymous translators

Chinese (Traditional): Thanks to 樺, MongWuNeiTherHwoGerLong, and SiderealArt

Czech: Thanks to Trasak Jiri, Lukáš Francálek, Azuráč, Fishbone, and 3 anonymous translators

Danish: Thanks to Svend Heinesen, Thomas Vedel, and 3 anonymous translators

Dutch: Thanks to Jaap Kramer, Kees Bakker, Linda Bijlsma, Leroux, and 4 anonymous translators

Finnish: Thanks to one anonymous translator

French: Thanks to Alexandre Mongin, Simon Martin, Ignace Le Roux, David Dissard, Gaillard S-G, and 5 anonymous translators

Greek: Thanks to GeoVasi69, Prodromos Makridis, and 2 anonymous translators

Hungarian: Thanks to Peter Bartfai, and 5 anonymous translators

Italian: Thanks to Spigolo, Luciano Paravella, Fabrizio Picconi, Lionello Ferrazzini, Daniele Caputo, David Coen, Gioele Mattioli, bovirus, Andrea "Echo" Zoppi , Mario Corrado, Alberto Donzelli, Ivan Vaselli, Filippo Rubulotta, and 6 anonymous translators

Japanese: Thanks to Kyotaro Iijima, Tetsuro Shimazaki, and Sriram Iyer

Korean: Thanks to Seungsoo Choi, and 8 anonymous translators

Norwegian: Thanks to Simen Andreas Skogheim, Isaac Daasnes, and 2 anonymous translators

Polish: Thanks to Franciszek, Your Majesty Bartłomiej Rakowiecki, Bartosz Małolepszy (Grodków), Arkadiusz Kurzawa, Łukasz K., and 8 anonymous translators

Portuguese: Thanks to Ricardo Freitas, Ian Lima Souza, Maria Pombo, Carlos Figueiredo, and 2 anonymous translators

Romanian: Thanks to Mihai Pauciuc, Vîlciu George, and 2 anonymous translators

Russian: Thanks to kopejkin, Polina Morgan, Vladimir Skovoroda, Alexander Vorfolomeev, Temtaime, Gennady Morozov, and 2 anonymous translators

Slovak: Thanks to 5 anonymous translators

Slovenian: Thanks to Jadran Rudec, Boštjan Pečovnik, and one anonymous translator

Spanish: Thanks to J. M. Fustero, MS-PC, Fabián C. Rodríguez, and 4 anonymous translators

Swedish: Thanks to Joakim Riedel Möller, Filip Wall, fqa, and 2 anonymous translators

Turkish: Thanks to Yusuf Eren Bektaş, Oğuzhan Güvercin, Mustafa Tosun, Özgür Dedeoğlu, Emrecan Ürküt, Pumavun, Metin Yıldıran, A.M. Sabuncu, Mert Öz, Mustafa Furkan YILMAZ, and 9 anonymous translators

Ukrainian: Thanks to kopejkin, and Сергей Дилонг


Would you like to help us translate TreeSize Free to your language? Please find more information online.


Other References

There is a 3rd-party project, which allows to integrate TreeSize Free with Visual Studio and open a project folder in TreeSize Free directly from the IDE. You may find the extension for download here.
You got your own project using TreeSize Free? Let us know, we are looking forward to receive your feedback!