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Include files

Enable this option if you want to perform a search for specific files. This option can be activated in addition to the 'Include folders' option.

Include folders

Enable this option if you want to perform a search for specific folders. This option can be enabled in addition to the 'Include files' option.

Exclude filter

Use filter: Switches the exclude filter on or off. A search is then automatically started with the new settings. If the exclude filter is enabled, files that match one of the specified exclusion criteria are excluded from the search.

Customize filter: Opens a dialog for managing the exclude filters. Here you can create and delete new filters and activate individual filters via separate check boxes.

File group filter

Provides a pre-defined list of file groups such as Office files or Video files to which the search can be restricted. The upper part of the button activates and deactivates the filter. Multiple selection of file groups is possible by holding down the Ctrl key.

Configure file groups: Opens a dialog in which all file groups and the associated file extensions are listed. Here you can create your own file groups or delete existing file groups. In addition, the file extensions of all file groups can be adapted to your own requirements.

Content search

Activates a separate input field to the right of the search field, which can be used to search for file contents. You can find more information on searching for file content in the chapter 'Search'.

Note: Searching for file contents can be very slow because the entire contents of a file must be analyzed. It is therefore strongly recommended to combine the file content search with other search criteria in order to speed up the search!


Recent searches

Lists the last 15 search patterns. A click on one of the search patterns replaces the current search entry and starts a search with the selected search pattern.

Information: This option is only visible if 'Options > Miscellaneous > Save recent searches' is activated.

Query Composer

Opens an advanced search box that helps you formulate your search query. The Query Composer provides detailed help and explains the search options. Use this function if you want to familiarize yourself with the extended functionality and search syntax of UltraSearch.