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If the option "Add recipients of outgoing mails..." is checked all recipient addresses of outgoing email messages are automatically added to the Auto-Whitelist.


Addresses in the field "Whitelist exceptions" will be excluded from all Whitelists. It is recommended to add the addresses from your own domain to prevent spoofing.

In the "Exception: Automatic Replies" field you can enter words or phrases. If they occur in the subject of outgoing emails the recipient will not be added to the Auto-Whitelist. This is useful for automated emails, e.g. Out of Office notifications.

Email addresses of your local Active-Directory are not added to the Auto-Whitelist.


Text window

In this window there are text windows that you can edit. A toolbar is available for this purpose:

Cut: Cuts the selected text from the text window. Works like the key combination Ctrl + X

Copy: Copies the selected text. Works like the key combination Ctrl + C

Paste: Pastes the text currently stored on the clipboard into the text window. Works like the key combination Ctrl + V

Undo: Discards the last change in the text window. Works like the key combination Ctrl + Z

Redo: Restores a change discarded with "Undo". Works like the key combination Ctrl + Y

Search: Opens a dialog to search for text. With a click on "Replace" you switch to the tab "Find and Replace". You can use different options to search:

Match case: The search is case sensitive. Foo and foo are two different terms

Match whole word: Shows only results that match the search text and are single words

Regular Expression: Allows the use of regular expressions in the formulation of the search query

Wildcards: Allows the use of wildcard characters like "*" or "?"

Search up: When clicking on "Find next" the next highest result is displayed

Apply line breaks: Determines whether a line break should occur when the text is displayed or whether the text at the right-hand edge of the text field should disappear. In this case you can use the navigation bar below the field to navigate left and right

Show line numbers: Shows or hides the line numbers left of the text field

Show end of line: Displays a symbol after each line end to mark where the line ends