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Content Presenter

The Content Presenter is an editing and data shaping component to display and manage large amounts of data. It offers a flexible UI with a wide variety of views, including the Tree List View etc.

It also features highly intuitive data shaping capabilities, including sorting, grouping and a rich set of filtering options.


Invoking the Filter Dropdown List

The filter dropdown list can be invoked by hovering over the column header and clicking the filter button.

Create a Filter Condition

To select records that contain a specific value in a specific column field, invoke the filter dropdown list containing available filter values and select the required filter value.

If the filter dropdown list provides check boxes to the left of the filter values, multiple values can be selected (checked) simultaneously. In this mode, click Ok to close the filter dropdown list and apply the filter.

Clear the Filter

To clear the filter applied to a column invoke the filter dropdown list and click All or right-click a column's filter and select Clear Filter.

Disable/Enable the Filter

To enable/disable the filter toggle the checkbox on the bottom left of the grid.

Using the Search Panel

The search panel provides an efficient way of filtering data. It supports the search syntax and MRU search dropdown list. To invoke the search panel, press CTRL+F.

Showing and Hiding Columns

To hide a column, click the Add/Remove Column button in the Ribbon and choose the columns you want to hide/show.

Adding Own Filter Conditions

To create custom filter conditions use the Filter Editor. It can be invoked either trough the Filter Editor button in the table ribbon or by right-clicking the column's header and clicking Filter Editor.


Group Data

To group data by a column, drag a column header from the header panel to the Group Panel or right click a column header and select Group by this column.

You can also use the Group By button in the Ribbon to open a dropdown menu with options to Group the data.

Ungroup Data

To ungroup data by a grouping column, drag a column header from the group panel to the column header panel or right-click the group panel and select Clear grouping.

Change Group Order

To change the group order, move a grouping column header to another position within the group panel.



To sort records by a column's values and replace existing sort conditions that are applied to the current or other column(s), click the target column's header, until an UP or Down Arrow icon is displayed within the header. The Up and Down Arrows indicate ascending and descending sort orders.

You can also use the Sort By button in the Ribbon to open a dropdown menu with options to sort the data.

Sorting by multiple columns

To sort by multiple columns without overriding existing sorting columns, click a column's header holding the SHIFT key down, until an UP or Down Arrow icon is displayed or right click a column's header and select Sort Ascending or Sort Descending from the context menu.

Resizing Columns and Cards

To change a column's width, drag the right edge of its header.