Filter Editor

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Filter Editor

The Filter Editor allows the user to build filter criteria of any complexity with an unlimited number of filter conditions. The Filter Editor displays the filter options in a Tree-Like style.

It can be invoked either trough the Filter Editor button in the table ribbon or by right-clicking the column's header and clicking Filter Editor if available.

Visual Elements of the Filter Editor

The Filter Editor displays filter criteria as a tree structure, where nodes represent simple filter conditions. If the filter criteria consist of multiple filter conditions, the Filter Editor contains multiple nodes linked by logical operators into groups.

Every filter criteria consists of three operators. The Column Name (Name, Type etc.), the Criteria Operator (Begins with, Is greater than etc.) and the Operand Value.

Conditions and Groups

If the grid's data is not filtered the editor contains one incomplete filter condition for the clicked column.

By clicking the Plus icon next to the Logical Operator you can add new groups or new conditions.

You can change the Logical Operator to And, Or, Not Or and Not And. By default the Logical Operator is set to And.

A new Logical Operator can be set for every group.

Clear Filter

You can clear single filters by clicking the Clear button next to them. To delete all filters select the Clear All option in the logical operator's menu.

To clear the Filter settings outside of the Filter Editor, click the Delete button at the bottom right of the grid.