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TJamShellTreeNode Methods
TJamShellTreeNode Methods
Compares a given ItemIdList with this shell object 
Compares a given TJamShellTreeNode with this object 
Returns the Windows IDropTarget interface for this item.  
Call GetFirstChild to get the first subnode of a node.  
Call GetLastChild to get the last subnode of a node.  
Returns the next node after the calling node in the tree view. To get the next node at the same level as the calling node, use GetNextSibling.  
Call GetNextChild to locate the next node in the list of immediate children of the tree view node.  
GetNextSibling will return the next node, regardless of whether it's visible. To find the next node in the tree view including child nodes, use GetNext.  
Returns the previous node before the calling node and at the same level.  
Refreshes the child nodes of a node.