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Objects of the type JamShellTreeNode are used to populate the TJamShellTree control.

TJamShellTreeNode = class(TTreeNode);

The JamShellTreeNode provides extended information compared to the TreeNode, which it is derived from. Each node represents an item of the shell namespace and provides information like the FullPath or more detailed information, like if it is a folder, compressed or encrypted. Of course it also offers the user the methods to iterate through the tree structure, e.g. like GetFirstChild, GetNext or GetNextSibling.

Creates an instance of a TJamShellTreeNode component.  
Destroys an instance of a TJamShellTreeNode component  
Compares a given ItemIdList with this shell object 
Compares a given TJamShellTreeNode with this object 
Returns the Windows IDropTarget interface for this item.  
Call GetFirstChild to get the first subnode of a node.  
Call GetLastChild to get the last subnode of a node.  
Returns the next node after the calling node in the tree view. To get the next node at the same level as the calling node, use GetNextSibling.  
Call GetNextChild to locate the next node in the list of immediate children of the tree view node.  
GetNextSibling will return the next node, regardless of whether it's visible. To find the next node in the tree view including child nodes, use GetNext.  
Returns the previous node before the calling node and at the same level.  
Refreshes the child nodes of a node.  
AbsoluteItemIdList returns a pointer to a fully qualified ItemIdList of the current object.  
Use Checked to manually mark an item as checked or unchecked.  
Use CheckState to determine if it is fully, partially or not checked.  
Use the property FullPath to get the full qualified path of the current object.  
Use the property IsCompressed to check if the current object is compressed.  
Use the property IsEncrypted to check if the current object is encrypted.  
Use the property IsFolder to check if the current object is a folder.  
Additional empty nodes are added to the ShellTree to introduce space between single root nodes. You can use this property to detect those nodes when e.g. iterating through the list.  
Provides access to a child node by its position in the list of child nodes. 
Indicates the parent node of the current node.  
Returns the TJamShellChangeNotifier that is responsible for this node. 
Gets the folder type.  
Defines the color of the text of this item.  
Defines the color of the text of this item.  
Indicates the container control.