ShellBrowser Delphi Components Documentation

This Unit contains visual and non visual controls related to the Windows Shell and the file system.

Base class which can display a sinlge image from an imagelist. 
Holds data that is associated with the items in our ComboBoxEx based controls.  
Base class for our ComboBoxEx based controls.  
Base class for our ComboBox based controls that implements basic features shared among all our ComboBox controls. 
Provides a drag source to start drag-and-drop operations from an arbitrary control.  
Provides a drag target for an arbitrary control to receive drag-and-drop operations from Windows Explorer.  
Component for listing files from different folders and for performing a file search.  
The TJamFilterCombo represents a combobox for filter expressions.  
The TJamFolderCombo is a simple component that allows to display folders and drives in a combo box with its associated icons.  
A TJamImageFromChar paints a text symbol on a bitmap. This bitmap can later be added to an ImageList. A TJamImageFromChar also supports VCL styles.  
Simple component that allows to display images of an image list.  
TJamOpenSaveComboBox is a ComboBox filled with the recently used files that are loaded from the registry.  
Simple component that displays a path or folder , which before has been selected in a dialog, in an editfield.  
Simple component that displays paths in a label.  
The TJamThumbnailImage component allows you to show a thumbnail preview of a file or folder.  
Options for the format of the caption of FileListItems.  
Possible visual states of a TJamImageFromChar.  
Occurs when files are being dragged.  
This procedure is called for OLE drag&drop operations. 
The possible types of events that can occur in an OnBeforeShellColumnChanged event.  
This procedure is called when TJamFileList.Search has finisehd its work. 
Event that is called during TJamFileList.Search
procedure for the event TJamPathEdit.OnButtonClick.