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JamBaseShellListView Fields

The JamBaseShellListView type exposes the following members.

Public fieldStatic memberJamHiddenColumnWidth
used to mark hidden columns in the array of saved column widths
Protected fieldm_AutomaticRefresh
Indicates whether automatic refresh is enabled or not.
Protected fieldm_CollectSelectedPaths
true if m_SelectedFiles should contains whole paths instead of files only.
Protected fieldm_DetectLeftClick
Local variable to detect whether the mouse is clicked or dragged
Protected fieldm_DetectRightClick
Local variable to detect whether the mouse is clicked or dragged
Protected fieldm_DraggedDataObject
During a drag and drop operation that origins in this control this member contains the IDataObject. Filled in the ItemDrag method of the control.
Protected fieldm_DroppedDataObject
During a drag and drop operation this member contains the IDataObject that is dragged over the control. Filled in DragEnter.
Protected fieldm_headerRect
The area occupied by the ListView header.
(Inherited from SystemListView.)
Protected fieldm_Initialized
The attribute is used by classes deriving from JamBaseShellListView.
Protected fieldm_InitialSortColumnIndex
Zero-based index of the initial sort column. -2 means: Default value not overriden or already applied
Protected fieldm_SelectedFiles
A collection of the currently selected files.
Protected fieldm_ShellBrowser
An instance of our ShellBrowser.
Protected fieldm_SortColumnIndex
The current sort order as index of column.
Protected fieldm_SortColumnShellIndex
The shell index of the sort column. Default is 0 - the name column.
Protected fieldm_SortOrder
The initial sort order.
Protected fieldm_UseSystemFont
If true the component will use the default system font.
(Inherited from SystemListView.)
Protected fieldm_UseSystemStyles
If false the component won't use the vista styles. UseSystemStyles
(Inherited from SystemListView.)
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