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SystemListView Methods

The SystemListView type exposes the following members.

Public methodEnableSystemStyles
Sets system specific behaviour, i.e. FullRowSelect in Vista and upwards.
Public methodGetColumnOrder
Retrieve the order in which columns appear.
Protected methodGetSubItemBounds
Retrieve the bounds of a ListViewSubItem
Protected methodOnHandleCreated
Preserves the system styles of the ListView if the window handle has been recreated.
(Overrides ListViewOnHandleCreated(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnHeaderRightClick
Raises the HeaderRightClick-Event
Protected methodOnItemShowToolTip
Raises the item hover event.
Protected methodOnNotifyMessage
This method is called if a notification event is performed on the message pump WndProc(Message)
(Overrides ControlOnNotifyMessage(Message).)
Protected methodPreserveSystemStyle
This method preserves the Windows Vista lightblue selection line if UseSystemStyles is on. The Setting is lost if e.g. a column is clicked to sort things.
Protected methodSetColumnBitmap
Set the sort icon among the current sort order in the passed column.
Protected methodSetColumnOrder
Sets the order in which columns appear.
Protected methodSetFont
Sets the font without adjusting other properties.
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