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SystemListView Class

This class provides the SystemStyles of Vista and other things common to the ShellListView and ShellFileList
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Jam.Shell
Assembly:  ShellBrowser (in ShellBrowser.dll) Version: 7.0
public class SystemListView : ListView

The SystemListView type exposes the following members.

Public methodSystemListView
Constructs a SystemListView
Public propertyBackgroundContextMenu
Gets or sets the ContextMenuStrip that is displayed if no item of the listview is under the cursor if the user clicks the right mouse button. If this value is null, no ContextMenu is shown.
Protected propertyCreateParams
Overwriting the CreateParams property to set the WS_VISIBLE flag; bug #8960
(Overrides ListViewCreateParams.)
Protected propertyHeaderRectangle
Returns the area occupied by the ListView header.
Public propertyHideSelection
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the selected item in the control remains highlighted when the control loses focus.
Public propertyShellDragDrop
Activates/deactivates the internal drag drop handling of the component.
Public propertyUseSystemFont
Set this property to true if you want the component to utilize the default system font. It is also set to true if the UseSystemStyles property is set.
Public propertyUseSystemStyles
Use this property to turn on or off the usage of the system specific design, i.e. enable Vista visual styles of the explorer components.
Public methodEnableSystemStyles
Sets system specific behaviour, i.e. FullRowSelect in Vista and upwards.
Public methodGetColumnOrder
Retrieve the order in which columns appear.
Protected methodGetSubItemBounds
Retrieve the bounds of a ListViewSubItem
Protected methodOnHandleCreated
Preserves the system styles of the ListView if the window handle has been recreated.
(Overrides ListViewOnHandleCreated(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnHeaderRightClick
Raises the HeaderRightClick-Event
Protected methodOnItemShowToolTip
Raises the item hover event.
Protected methodOnNotifyMessage
This method is called if a notification event is performed on the message pump WndProc(Message)
(Overrides ControlOnNotifyMessage(Message).)
Protected methodPreserveSystemStyle
This method preserves the Windows Vista light blue selection line if UseSystemStyles is on. The Setting is lost if e.g. a column is clicked to sort things.
Protected methodSetColumnBitmap
Set the sort icon among the current sort order in the passed column.
Protected methodSetColumnOrder
Sets the order in which columns appear.
Protected methodSetFont
Sets the font without adjusting other properties.
Public eventBeforeInvokeCommandOnSelected
Assign this event to be able to control the behaviour of the control when the user double-clicks on an item to start the default action
Public eventHeaderRightClick
The event is triggered when the user right clicks on the column headers.
Public eventItemShowToolTip
This event occurs if the user moved the mouse over a listview item so a tooltip can appear, this event also occurs if no ToolTipText is set, it can be added dynamically.
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodHandleNeeded
A Control extension method that ensures that the handle for a control is created.
(Defined by ExtensionMethods.)
Public Extension MethodScaledPixels
An extension method for controls: It scales the passed pixels according to the current dpi the control is displayed with.
(Defined by ExtensionMethods.)
Public Extension MethodScaleFont
A Control extension method that scales font according to the passed factor.
(Defined by ExtensionMethods.)
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