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ShellControlConnector Properties

The ShellControlConnector type exposes the following members.

Public propertyConsiderRootedAtProperty
If this property is set to true the ShellControlConnector will take the RootedAt or RootedAtFileSystemFolder property of a connected ShellTreeView control into account. For example if RootedAt is set to "c:\" then the ShellControlConnector will filter out any folder change event that would point connected controls like the ShellListView to a folder that is not reachable by traversing the directory tree from the root given in the RootedAt directory.
Public propertyEnabled
Enabled returns true, if the messages should be passed through, false if the messages should be ignored.
Public propertyHistoryCount
Get the count of the items available in the history.
Public propertyHistoryCursor
This property contains the index of the current item in the history list
Public propertyHistoryItems
Gets the list of entries currently stored in the history.
Public propertySelectionList
If the Checkboxes property of a control connected to a ShellControlConnector is enabled, this property contains the checked items.
Public propertyShowParentfolderItem
true, if appropriate controls may display a parent folder item or may go to the parent folder. false, if controls should prevent changing to the parent folder.
Public propertyVersion
The current version of the ShellBrowser.
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