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ShellSystemList Properties

The ShellSystemList type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllColumns
Gets a list of all columns that are supported in the current view. These depend on what the control currently displays. Not supported on Windows XP.
Public propertyBackColor
This property is not implemented for the ShellSystemList.
(Overrides ControlBackColor.)
Public propertyBackgroundImage
This property is not implemented for the ShellSystemList.
(Overrides ControlBackgroundImage.)
Public propertyBackgroundImageLayout
This property is not implemented for the ShellSystemList.
(Overrides ControlBackgroundImageLayout.)
Public propertyCheckMode
Gets or sets a value defining the current CheckMode.
Public propertyCode exampleColumns
Gets the ShellViewColumns the control currently displays. Not supported on Windows XP.
Public propertyContentFilter
Gets or sets an ShellItemFilter instance.
Public propertyContextMenuStrip
The ContextMenuStrip is converted to an ordinary ContextMenu. This makes it possible to merge your ContextMenuStrip with the Default ShellContextMenu provided by the system. The "Opening" and "Closing" events of the ContextMenuStrip will be raised if the ContextMenu "Popup"/"Collapse" event occurs. For menu items only the "Click" event is available. All other events are not available. All ToolStripMenuItems are converted, and ToolStripSeparators are recognized. The ShortCut Keys defined in a ToolStripMenuItem are not converted. If you would like to have the ShortCut-Keys, leave this Property null, instead set the ContextMenu property to your menu explicitly.
Protected propertyCreateParams
Gets the required creation parameters when the control handle is created.
(Overrides ControlCreateParams.)
Public propertyFileSystemOnly
If FileSystemOnly is set to True, objects and virtual folders which do not have a file system path, will not be displayed.
Public propertyFilter
You can use a single pattern, e.g. '*.doc' or concatenate several patterns using semicolons to separate them, e.g. '*.exe;*.com'.
Public propertyFilterRegex
Set this property to a regular expression if you want to only show those files that match the regex. This value also changes if the property Filter is set.
Public propertyFocused
Gets a value indicating whether a control has input focus.
Public propertyFolderIdList
Get or set the ItemIdList of the folder the component currently displays respectively the folder the component shall display.
Public propertyFont
This property is not implemented for the ShellSystemList.
(Overrides ControlFont.)
Public propertyForeColor
This property is not implemented for the ShellSystemList.
(Overrides ControlForeColor.)
Protected propertyInEditMode
Returns true if the user is currently editing the caption of a listview item.
Public propertyIsInitialized
Returns true if the ShellSystemList is property initialization has been performed (after EndInit was called by the Designer generated code)
Public propertyItemCount
Gets the number of items the list currently holds.
Public propertyItems
The List of items that the ole shell instance displays. One cannot remove several items from this datastructure in order to remove them from the listview.
Public propertyPath
This property allows you to get or set the folder, which contents should be displayed. If you want to display a non file system folder, use the SpecialFolder property.
Public propertySelCount
Gets the number of selected items.
Public propertySelected
Returns the currently selected item.
Public propertySelectedFiles
Returns a list of full paths for the items selected in the view. Objects that do not have a filesystem path, are not within this list.
Public propertySelectedIndex
Get the selected index in the SystemShellView. This property is -1, if nothing is selected. Please use SelectedItemIdList if you want to determine if nothing at all is selected, since determining the selected index involves a search via IndexOf(ItemIdList).
Public propertySelectedItemIdList
Get the selected item id list in the SystemShellView. This property returns null, if nothing is selected. The setter of this property is protected since the exact ItemIdList that is stored in the explorer ole instance is needed to select the item in the view. It is insufficient to construct a new one with new ItemIdList("fullpath"); and pass that as a value. The instantiated ole window will not select an item that way.
Public propertySelectedPath
Get the full path of the selected item. Returns null if nothing is selected.
Public propertyShellControlConnector
Connects this control to a ShellControlConnector component, which allows to synchronize several shell controls.
Public propertyShowBackgroundContextMenu
If set to true, the Windows Explorer background context menu will be shown if a right click event occurs.
Public propertyShowContextMenu
If set to true, the Windows Explorer context menu will be shown if a right click event occurs.
Public propertyShowErrorMessages
If set to true the ShellList component will show a MessageBox if an error occured, otherwise the errors will only be logged to the Debug output.
Public propertyShowFiles
If set to true, files will be shown in the control. If set to false, files will not be visible in the control.
Public propertyShowFolders
The property ShowFolders allows you to include the folders in the ShellListView, similar to FrontPage 2000.
Public propertyShowHidden
Is set to 'true', hidden elements will also be shown.
Public propertyShowNetHood
If set to 'false', the Network Neighbourhood is not shown in the component, otherwise it is shown (the default value is true).
Public propertyShowRecycleBin
If set to true, the recycle bin will be visible. If set to false, the recycle bin will be hidden (the default value is true).
Public propertySpecialFolder
SpecialFolder allows you to set or get the type of the currently listed folder. You can use the ShellFolder constants here.
Public propertyTextColor
Get or set the TextColor of the Control
Public propertyThumbnails
Obsolete - use View.
Public propertyThumbnailSize
Gets or sets the size of the thumbnails. Only applied when View is set to FolderViewMode.Thumbnail
Public propertyTransparent
Get or set the transparency value of the Control
Public propertyVersion
The current version of the ShellBrowser.
Public propertyView
This property allows to set the different view modes of the windows explorer listview control. In comparison to the ShellListView the ShellSystemList provides a greater variety of possibilities.
Public propertyViewFolderFlags
Get or set the FolderFlags that specify how the ListView displays its content. The flags can be or'ed together, ie. "FolderFlags.NoColumnHeader | FolderFlags.AbbreviatedNames" in the designer this is specified by a comma-separation Not all of the Flags are supported currently
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