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PathEdit Class

The PathEdit is a simple component that allows the user to enter a path or to browse for it. The user can open a browse dialog by pressing the button on the right. Use the Path property to set a default path or the get the path that the user has finally chosen. Use The FolderMode property to define if the user should enter / browse for a path to a file or a folder.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Jam.Shell
Assembly:  ShellBrowser (in ShellBrowser.dll) Version: 7.1
public class PathEdit : UserControl, INotifyPropertyChanged, 

The PathEdit type exposes the following members.

Public methodPathEdit
Initializes a new instance of the PathEdit class.
Public propertyButton
Gives access to the embedded Button.
Public propertyContextMenuStrip
Get or set the contextmenu strip of the control.
(Overrides ControlContextMenuStrip.)
Public propertyDefaultExt
Gets or sets the default file name extension. Example: "txt"
Public propertyDialogTitle
Change the window title of the browse dialog, that will be opened if the user pressed the browse button on the right.
Public propertyFileBrowserDialog
Returns a reference to an OpenFileDialog
Public propertyFileFilter
Edit your own filter options for the opendialog. Example: Image Files(*.BMP;*.JPG;*.GIF)|*.BMP;*.JPG;*.GIF|All files (*.*)|*.*
Public propertyFileNames
Contains the selected files from the FileBrowserDialog.
Public propertyFocused
Gets a value indicating whether the TextBox control has input focus.
Public propertyFolderBrowserDialog
Returns a reference to a FolderBrowserDialog.
Public propertyFolderMode
Use this property to select if the dialog for browsing for a file, or for a folder should be displayed.
Public propertyIsInitializing
The value this property is true between the calls BeginInit() and EndInit() of the ISupportInitialize interface.
Public propertyIsValidPath
Check if the selected file or folder is existing on your system at the moment.
Public propertyPath
Use this property to get or set the path in the edit field.
Public propertyShellAutoCompletionMode
This property controls the availability of the shells autocompletion mode, if set to FileSystem, Url or both, the PathEdit control provides autocompletion mode with a via a drop down box. If disabled the default behavior is used. Both, FileSystem and Url can be specified at once. FileSystem is enabled by default. Url needs to be used to also provide autocompletion for UNC-Paths.
Public propertyText
Get or set the text visible in the editor.
(Overrides UserControl.Text.)
Public propertyTextBox
Gives access to the embedded TextBox.
Public propertyToolTip
Sets the ToolTip text for the embedded TextBox.
Public propertyVersion
The current version of the ShellBrowser.
Public methodBeginInit
Signals the object that initialization is starting.
Protected methodBrowseForFile
Internal method, which handles the browsing for files.
Protected methodBrowseForFolder
Internal method, which handles the browsing for folders.
Public methodEndInit
Signals the object that initialization is complete.
Public methodFocus
Sets input focus to the TextBox control.
Protected methodOnChange
Fires the Change event, when the text in the TextBox changes.
Protected methodOnCreateControl
Raises the CreateControl event.
(Overrides UserControlOnCreateControl.)
Protected methodOnFontChanged
Raises the FontChanged event.
(Overrides ContainerControlOnFontChanged(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnResize
Handles the resizing of PathEdit component.
(Overrides UserControlOnResize(EventArgs).)
Public eventBeforeShowDialog
Occurs before a dialog for file/folder selection is shown after the button of the PathEdit control has been clicked.
Public eventButtonClick
This event occurs if the button of the PathEdit control has been clicked.
Public eventChange
Occurs when the Text in the TextBox changes.
Public eventEditFieldClick
This event occurs if the user clicked on the editfield.
Public eventEditFieldEnter
Occurs when the edit field is entered and gains focus
Public eventEditFieldKeyDown
Occurs when a key is pressed while the edit field has focus
Public eventEditFieldKeyPress
Occurs when a key is pressed while the edit field has focus
Public eventEditFieldKeyUp
Occurs when a key is released while the edit field has focus
Public eventEditFieldLeave
Occurs when the edit field is left and lost focus
Public eventPropertyChanged
This event is issued if the TextField in the PathEdit changed. It is available here to be able to add a DataBinding to the Path.
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodHandleNeeded
A Control extension method that ensures that the handle for a control is created.
(Defined by ExtensionMethods.)
Public Extension MethodScaledPixels
An extension method for controls: It scales the passed pixels according to the current dpi the control is displayed with.
(Defined by ExtensionMethods.)
Public Extension MethodScaleFont
A Control extension method that scales font according to the passed factor.
(Defined by ExtensionMethods.)
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