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ShellTreeView Events

The ShellTreeView type exposes the following members.

Public eventCode exampleAddTreeNode
This Event is triggered every time a ShellTreeNode is added to the ShellTreeView, that is, it's structure changed. You can use it to check and suppress nodes from being added to the ShellTreeView.
Public eventBeforeInvokeCommandOnSelected Obsolete.
Assign this event to be able to control the behaviour of the control when the user double-clicks on an item to start the default action
Public eventBeforeShellCommand
This event is fired when a shell command is to be executed, ie. via the context menu It is possible to permit the execution of the shell command by modifying the BeforeShellCommandEventArgs
Public eventBeforeShellDrop
This event is fired before a ShellTreeView executes a shell drop.
Public eventCheckStateChanged
This event is fired when the state of a checkbox was changed by the user.
Public eventControlInitialized
Occurs when initialization of the component is completed.
Public eventFolderUpdated
This Event is triggered every time the details of a Node are updated
Public eventNodeChecked
Occurs when the checked state of an item was changed by the user.
Public eventOperationPerformed
This event is fired after a ShellTreeView executed a shell operation like pasting.
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