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Jam.Shell.WPF.Controls.Winforms Namespace

This namespace includes WPF wrappers of some WindowsForms shell controls. These components are based on WindowsFormsHost.
Public classJamWindowsFormsHost
A custom Windows forms host.
Public classShellAddressBar
This control represents the breadcrumb style addressbar known from Windows Explorer. Its main part splits the current path into "breadcrumb" elements, that facilitates navigation. In edit mode, it is possible to type a path with the help of autosuggestion and autocompletion. Optionally the ShellAddressBar can also contain a history element on the left side, and a search edit box on the right side.
Public classShellListView
Wrapper for the Winforms ShellListView. For easy use with WPF.
Public classShellTreeView
Wrapper for the Winforms ShellTreeView.