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ShellTreeViewAddShellItem Method

This methods adds the currently active object of the m_ShellBrowser to the TreeNode.

Namespace:  Jam.Shell
Assembly:  ShellBrowser.Winforms (in ShellBrowser.Winforms.dll) Version: 6.3.1
protected ShellTreeNode AddShellItem(
	ShellTreeNode pParent,
	ShellBrowser pShellBrowser


Type: Jam.ShellShellTreeNode
The parent ShellTreeNode of the added item.
Type: Jam.ShellShellBrowser
A ShellBrowser instance to use.

Return Value

Type: ShellTreeNode
The new created ShellTreeNode instance is returned. Null, if the ShowOptionsShouldShow determined not to include the node or if the AddTreeNode event had the CanAdd set to false.
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