Import POP3/IMAP account data

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Import POP3/IMAP account data

By selecting Import POP3 Accountdata in the File Menu you open the import wizard.

There you can choose between following datasources:

Datatype Selection Importwizard


After that choose the file which contains the data.

In case of the Comma Separated Values File you now have to choose the separator:  

Separator Selection Importwizard


Now you have to select which source data column holds the data of which account attribute.

There should be at least one column for every attribute except the optional ones.



The following data is needed for importing an account (the order is not important):

Account Name (optional)

Name of the account inside of SmartPOP2Exchange

POP3/IMAP Server

Address of the POP3/IMAP Server


Username of the POP3/IMAP Account


Password of the POP3/IMAP Account

Destination mail address

Destination address in your Exchange Server

SMTP Server

Address of your Exchange Server

Account type

Type of the account (POP3 or IMAP). Only needed if general import has been selected.

Other optional data which can be imported:

Account Group

Name of the account group of the account


Port of the POP3/IMAP Server

Security Mode

Security mode of the POP3/IMAP Account (SSL / TLS / None)

SMTP Username

Username of the Exchange Server Login

SMTP Password

Password of the Exchange Server Login


Port of your Exchange Server

SMTP Security Mode

Security mode of your Exchange Server. (SSL / TLS / None)