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SpaceObServer is a hard disk space manager for Windows. It runs as a system service named "SpaceObServer scan service" that executes the scans for the selected file system trees and stores the collected information in a configurable SQL database. The SpaceObServer user interface displays the stored data in different kinds of visualization (3D bar, pie and line charts as well as tabular enumerations, if desired, grouped by file types or users). The application features an intuitive Explorer-like user interface, to present you detailed information (e.g. size, allocated space, number of files, last access and change date, file owner,...) about directories or drives of your choice. You are able to monitor the changes of the size of directories you choose. It is possible to store diagrams using common image formats, export tables to Excel files, and print a detailed report for the selected directory tree. Use extensive search criteria to discover files with special characteristics (e.g. size, file extension, last change,...).

The data storage, as well as all text output, works with the Unicode international character set standard, so SpaceObServer can also administer directories and files, whose names cannot be represented in the ASCII character set.

For every button and menu item in the SpaceObServer window, a short description is displayed as a tool-tip. If you have further questions, please contact JAM Software.