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Additional information

You can specify the amount of additional header information that is included in exports of the file search.

Add summary information

Activate this option to include a short summary of the search into the export. This summary contains the path(s) that were processed, the date/time of the search, and the number and size of files and folders that were found.

Add column headers

If this option is set, TreeSize will include a row that displays the names of the columns, in addition to the actual search results.

Include units in export

If this options is activated, units like "KB", "MB", or "%" will be included in the exported data. Uncheck this option, if you want to export plain values.


Expandable/&collapsible report

A dynamic Excel report will be created in which items with subitems, such as duplicate groups, can be expanded/collapsed just like in the result list.

Export path list

Include duplicate groups

This option allows the export of duplicate search results via "File > List of paths > Export path list". If this option is enabled, TreeSize will include the group structure of the duplicate search, when generating a list of files. This allows importing a previously performed duplicate search, without the need to perform the search again.