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Print Submenu

TreeSize offers a wide variety of flexible printing functions. You may, for example, print the content of the Directory Tree, the contents of a selected folder or any available chart (Charts view, History view, etc.).

The following commands are available in the "Printer" submenu:

Print report

Print report for the currently selected scan without preview.

Print with preview

Shows a print preview for the report of the currently selected scan.

Print right pane

Print the chart or list currently shown the right pane of the window.


Set export title

Allows you to set a title, which will be included with the header of an export or print. The default title includes the path of the scanned folder and the volume name of the drive the folder resides in. The use of environment variables is allowed.

Page setup

Change page layout settings.

Print setup

Change printer settings.

Customize report

Customize exported columns, included charts, etc.