Using Scheduled TreeSize Tasks

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Using Scheduled TreeSize Tasks

This section is related to the Professional Edition of TreeSize only, since the Personal Edition does not offer scheduling or command line options!

Keeping your storage in a "clean" state is an ongoing task and requires a consistent overview of the usage. In a real world scenario it is important to find space hogs that use up large portions of the disk as soon as possible. Therefore you might want to use TreeSize to scan your storages regularly after a certain period of usage. Rather than having to do this manually every time, TreeSize offers a functionality to create tasks that automatically run according to a predefined schedule. This allows you to perform scans, send reports or perform any customized action that you can define freely at any time of the day. Defining a new task can be done by using the Schedule Dialog.

The dialog allows you to choose one ore multiple paths to scan and allows a variety of ways to export the results of the scan.

All settings that are defined here will be applied to the scan task automatically. TreeSize will assign the corresponding Command Line Options to the new task and reapply them to the user interface when you want to edit an existing task at a later point in time.