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Modify startup settings for TreeSize File Search


Start As Administrator

Always start this application as administrator

When activated, TreeSize will always start with administrator privileges. This will trigger the UAC (User Access Control) prompt, if UAC is enabled.

Action at Application Start

Load last search settings.

Open file search with the last used settings. Does not start a search automatically.

Run a search using the last load search settings.

Open file search with the last used settings and automatically start a search with these settings.

Run a search using the the following saved search settings.

Start File Search and directly run a search based on previously saved search settings. The XML file containing these settings must be specified here, either by typing the path into the edit field or via browsing in Windows Explorer after clicking the folder button.


Explorer Context Menu

Show TreeSize File Search in Windows Explorer context menu of current user

Select whether the TreeSize File Search should appear in the context menu of folders in the Windows Explorer.