Schedule Dialog

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Schedule Dialog

It is possible to schedule tasks using the "scheduled tasks" folder of Windows. This dialog will help you create a scheduled TreeSize Professional task with the corresponding command line options.
Please note: This feature is only available in the Professional Edition.

Open the dialog by clicking on "Scan > Schedule this scan" from within the TreeSize Professional main application or on "Tools > Schedule current search" from the TreeSize Professional File Search.
The TreeSize tasks can be configured, viewed, and edited using the following tabs:


Current Task


Contains general options, such as the scan path, sorting, or filter that you want to apply to your scan results.


Allows to define which in which formats you want to export your reports in this task.

File operation

(TreeSize File Search only)

Search results can be moved, copied, deleted, or archived automatically by this task. These options can be enabled and configured here.


Provides advanced customization possibilities, such as a custom title for the export, or a different list separator.

Command Line

A preview of the command line parameters that will be used for this task. In this page, you can test the current settings, copy the parameters to the clipboard, or save them to a batch file.


Here you can set up a date and time when the task should be executed.

All Tasks

List of Tasks

Shows a list of all TreeSize tasks that were created in the past.


Use the "Save Task" button to save your configurations in a new Windows scheduled task.