Available columns

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Available columns

These are the available columns that can be configured individually for the detailed view of  TreeSize Free.

Column name



The name of the file or folder.

Full Path

The full path, including the object's name.


The size of the object.


The space that the object currently occupies on disk.


The number of files in a directory branch.


The number of sub-folders in a directory branch.

% of Parent

The amount of space in percent that a folder or file occupies relative to its parent folder.

Last Modified

The last change date of the object. TreeSize Free calculates the last change and last access date more precisely than the Windows Explorer, because it takes all files in all sub-folders into account. So the values shown in the Windows Explorer may differ.

Last Accessed

The last access date of the object.


The size in percent by which an object has been compressed using the built in compression of the file system.


The user name that owns a folder or file.

Optical media size

The amount of space that an object would occupy on an optical medium such as a CD or DVD with ISO file system.


The file attributes Readonly (R), Hidden (H), System (S), Directory (D), Archive (A), Compressed (C), Sparse (P), Temporary (T), Offline (O), Reparse Point (L) Encrypted (E) and Alternate Data Streams (Z).


The file type, e.g. "Text file".

Dir Level (Relative)

The level of an object in the file system. This value can be useful when processing the collected data.

Creation Date

The date at which the object has been created.

Containing Path

The full path to object, not containing the object's name.

Avg. File Size

The average size of a file in a folder.


The access permissions of the object in the UNIX-like format: Username1: +/-R +/-W +/-X   Username2: ... where "+" means the right is granted and "-" means that the right is denied. "R" stands for read access and "W" for write access. For files "X" means the right to execute, for directories the right to list the directory content.
TreeSize maps the actual permissions to a very compact presentation: Multiple access control elements for one user are merged to one, and most special permission are not displayed.


Please note:

You want to get notified if the permissions of certain important folders change? This can be done using our monitoring tool "Server Sentinel". The file system sensor allows you to monitor specific file system events, send automatic notifications, and react to them accordingly.

File Version

The version number that is included in EXE, DLL OCX and similar binary files.


This column shows the author information that is extracted from the meta data of the file, taken from MS Office and compatible files.

Last Save Date

This column shows the date on which the file was saved the last time, taken from MS Office and compatible files. This information is extracted from the meta data of the file.

Path Length

Shows the number of characters included in the full path of this file or folder.


For folders and shares this column shows the comment associated with them. For office files and pictures their embedded title is shown. In case non of this data is available, but the folder's of file's name is an SID (like in the "\$Recycle.Bin" folder), this SID is resolved to a username in this column.