Scan Tab

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Scan Tab

The ribbon tab Scan contains all actions and elements related to the current scan.



Select directory

Opens a dialog enabling you to select a folder for scanning. TreeSize Free will start scanning the selected path once the selection has been confirmed.


Refreshes the currently selected scan.

Stop Scan

Stops an currently active scan. This will abort the current scan process but not remove the data gathered so far from the view.



Using the "Expand" button, you can expand or collapse the Directory Tree to a certain directory level. You can also use this menu to trigger a "Full expand" so that you will see any folder that is available in the current scan

Search Tree

Searches for a certain folder in the Directory Tree.


Parent Folder

Navigates to the parent folder or node of the currently selected item.


Contains the export functions (print and export to PDF).

Open Location

Opens the containing directory of the current selection in the Windows Explorer.