ShellBrowser Delphi Components Documentation
ShellBrowser Classes
An exception type used for exceptions that occur when using the TShellBrowser class. 
Class helper for TControl that adds scaling functionality based on the TControl.  
Helper class to deal with Windows HResult type. 
Class which is allows to deal with multiple paths and ItemIdLists for that a common operation should be performed.
Helper to convert TJamDropEffects to flags.  
Helper to convert TJamDropEffects to flags.  
Record helper for the TJamImageListSize enumeration.  
The TJamSystemImageList component provides the icons of the Windows shell in from of a Delphi ImageList descendant.  
The ShellBrowser component is a non-visual component and allows you to browse to the shell name space of Windows, to query information about shell objects and to perform context menu operations. It is currently only available in the VCL version and is the base for all visual controls.  
Specifies the FMTID/PID identifier of a column that can be displayed by the Details view -  
A class used to collect static helper functions.  
A utility class containing methods for the TJamShellShowOptions set.