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ExplorerBrowser Events

The ExplorerBrowser type exposes the following members.

Public eventAddItem
This event occurs if a ListItem is to be added to the list. If the "CanAdd" property of the event args is set to false in an event handler, the item will not be added to the listview.
Public eventBeforeFullRefresh
Public eventDefaultAction
This event occurs if the user triggers the default command e.g. double-click on an item.
Public eventFocusChanged
Occurs, when the focus inside the ExplorerBrowser changes. Use FocusedPane to find out where the focus is.
Public eventInitialized
Occurs when initialization of the component is completed.
Public eventNavigationComplete
Occurs when navigating to a folder has been completed successfully.
Public eventNavigationFailed
Occurs when navigating to a folder has failed.
Public eventCode exampleNavigationPending
Occurs before navigating to a folder. The operation can be cancelled using Cancel
Public eventPathChanged
This event occurs if the path changed that the control displays.
Public eventSelectionChanged
This event occurs, if a selection changed in the listview
Public eventViewChanged
This event happens on view changes of the control.
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