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JamBaseShellListView Properties

The JamBaseShellListView type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActiveImageList
Gets the ImageList that is currently used.
Public propertyAllowDrag
Use this property to turn on or off drag support with the Windows Explorer.
Public propertyAllowDrop
Use this property to turn on or off drop support with the Windows Explorer.
(Overrides ControlAllowDrop.)
Public propertyAutomaticRefresh
Set this property to true if you like the component to be refreshed automatically if a Drive is added or removed. This property is directly connected to the Enabled property of an internal instance of ShellChangeNotifier.
Protected propertyAutomaticRefresh_Internal
Indicates whether automatic refresh is enabled or not.
Public propertyAutoSizeColumn
Adjust the size of the given column so that it fills the remaining horizontal space.
Public propertyBackgroundContextMenu
Gets or sets the ContextMenuStrip that is displayed if no item of the listview is under the cursor if the user clicks the right mouse button. If this value is null, no ContextMenu is shown.
(Inherited from SystemListView.)
Public propertyCheckBoxes
Use this property to turn on or off the checkboxes for file and folder selection. The checkboxes will only work, if a ShellControlConnector has been assigned to the ShellControlConnector property of this component. It will automatically synchronize the selection state of the items in multiple shell controls linked together with this ShellControlConnector.
Public propertyCheckBoxMode
Use this property to display checkboxes for the control.
Public propertyCheckedItems
Refer to the SelectionList property to determine which items are selected. Please do not use this property, it is currently not supported. The CheckBoxes in an ordinary ListView do not support the grayed CheckState furthermore the ListView does not support them at all in View TileView.
Protected propertyCollectSelectedPaths
true if m_SelectedFiles should contain whole paths instead of files only.
Public propertyColumns
Gets the collection of all column headers that appear in the control.
Public propertyContextMenuRenderMode
Gets or sets the ToolStripRenderMode of the BackgroundContextMenu and the HeaderContextMenu.
Public propertyContextMenuStrip
The ContextMenuStrip is converted to an ordinary ContextMenu. This makes it possible to merge your ContextMenuStrip with the Default ShellContextMenu provided by the system. The "Opening" and "Closing" events of the ContextMenuStrip will be raised if the ContextMenu "Popup"/"Collapse" event occurs. For menu items only the "Click" event is available. All other events are not available. All ToolStripMenuItems are converted, and ToolStripSeparators are recognized. The ShortCut Keys defined in a ToolStripMenuItem are not converted. If you would like to have the ShortCut-Keys, leave this Property null, instead set the ContextMenu property to your menu explicitly.
Protected propertyCreateParams
Overwriting the CreateParams property to set the WS_VISIBLE flag; bug #8960
(Inherited from SystemListView.)
Protected propertyDesignMode
Gets a value indicating whether the design mode.
Protected propertyDetectLeftClick
Local variable to detect whether the mouse is clicked or dragged
Protected propertyDetectRightClick
Local variable to detect whether the mouse is clicked or dragged
Protected propertyDraggedDataObject
During a drag and drop operation that origins in this control this member contains the IDataObject. Filled in the ItemDrag method of the control.
Protected propertyDropItem
Gets or sets the item on that a current drag and drop operation would be executed.
Protected propertyDroppedDataObject
During a drag and drop operation this member contains the IDataObject that is dragged over the control. Filled in DragEnter.
Public propertyFastFolderThumbnails
In Thumbnail view, only load thumbnails that are already in the thumbnail cache for folders. Default value true will avoid potentially huge delays that are caused by live folder thumbnails reflecting the contents of the folder.
Public propertyFont
The font used to display text in the control.
(Overrides ControlFont.)
Public propertyHeaderMenuStrip
Gets or sets the ContextMenuStrip that will be shown if the user rightclicks on the headerbar. Get: If it's null, we generate a list of available columns.
Protected propertyHeaderRectangle
Returns the area occupied by the ListView header.
(Inherited from SystemListView.)
Public propertyHideSelection
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the selected item in the control remains highlighted when the control loses focus.
(Inherited from SystemListView.)
Protected propertyInitialized_Internal
Internal attribute is used by classes deriving from JamBaseShellListView.
Protected propertyInternalColumns
Gets the columns as JamShellColumnCollection.
Protected propertyIsEditing
Gets a value indicating whether this object is currently in edit-mode.
Public propertyIsInitialized
Gets a value indicating whether the component is initialized.
Public propertyIsInitializing
The value this property is true between the calls BeginInit() and EndInit() of the ISupportInitialize interface.
Public propertyCode exampleLargeCustomImages
Gets or sets an ImageList holding images that can be used as custom images in small viewstates.
Public propertyLargeImageList
Gets or sets a list of large images.
Public propertyNoFillOnStartup
If set to true, the control will not fill automatically after it was created. The FullRefresh method must be called explicitly. Since filling shell control with the appropriate items is a costly operation, this property can be useful to prevent unnecessary refreshes of the control.
Protected propertyNumShellColumns
The number of system columns without the columns added by the user.
Protected propertyPastedFiles
Contains the files that were pasted during a Paste operation.
Protected propertyReadOnly
If true, the folder actions changing the contents of the folder are not allowed. E.g.: Adding, removing or renaming files via context menu, DragDrop, Copy/Paste.
Public propertySelectedFiles
This property provides access to a list of all files including their extension, which are currently selected in the ShellListView. Dependent on the user settings, the file names in the ListView may be displayed without extension, which makes it difficult to further process them when they are accessed only by the SelectedItems property. You can also use the SelectedFiles property to add files to the selection by using SelectedFiles.Add method.
Protected propertySelectedFiles_Internal
Simple getter/setter for m_SelectedFiles, for use by deriving classes.
Public propertyShellBrowser
Gets or sets the shellbrowser instance.
Protected propertyShellChangeNotifier
Returns the reference to the ShellChangeNotifier that is associated with this instance.
Public propertyShellContextMenu
Indicates whether the Windows ShellContextMenu should be shown or not.
Public propertyShellControlConnector
Connects this control to a ShellControlConnector component, which allows to synchronize several shell controls.
Public propertyShellDragDrop
Activates/deactivates the internal drag drop handling of the component.
(Inherited from SystemListView.)
Public propertyShowContextMenu
If set to true, the context menu will be shown if a right click event occurs.
Public propertyShowErrorMessages
If set to true the ShellList component will show a MessageBox if an error occured, otherwise the errors will only be logged to the Debug output.
Public propertyShowExtraLargeIcons
Obsolete: Use ViewState.ExtraLargeIcons instead.
Public propertyShowInfoToolTips
Whether to show the informational shell tooltips, the default is true
Public propertyShowShellContextMenuOnTop
If set to to 'true', the shell context menu will be shown on top of the provided popup menu. If set to 'false', the shell context menu will be shown below the provided popup menu. The value true is currently not supported. The menu items will be shown correctly, however their Click event cannot be triggered.
Public propertyCode exampleSmallCustomImages
Gets or sets an ImageList holding images that can be used as custom images in small viewstates.
Public propertySmallImageList
Gets or sets a list of small images.
Public propertySortColumn
The column according to which the listed objects are sorted. If this is set to a negative value, sorting is disabled by setting SortOrder to SortOrder.None, this is useful to insert large amounts of items, e.g. during a search.
Public propertySortColumnShellID
Gets or sets the current sort order.
Public propertySorting
Gets or sets the sort order for items in the control.
Public propertyThumbnailBorderColor
Get or set the color of the frame that is drawn around the thumbnails. If this value is set to null, no frame will be shown.
Public propertyThumbnailMode
Gets or sets preferences whether to display file icons or thumbnails in the list.
Public propertyThumbnails
Obsolete: Use ViewState.Thumbnails instead.
Public propertyThumbnailSize
Use the ThumbnailSize property to get or set the size in pixels of the thumbnail images.
Public propertyUsedShColumnIds Obsolete.
Returns an array of the currently used ShColumnIds.
Public propertyUseSlowInfoTip
If true, the slow tooltip that contains additional information like the folder size is used. Setting this value to false increases the performance.
Public propertyUseSystemFont
Set this property to true if you want the component to utilize the default system font. It is also set to true if the UseSystemStyles property is set.
(Inherited from SystemListView.)
Public propertyUseSystemStyles
Use this property to turn on or off the usage of the system specific design, i.e. enable Vista visual styles of the explorer components.
(Inherited from SystemListView.)
Public propertyVersion
The current version of the ShellBrowser.
Protected propertyVerticalScrollPos
Gets or sets the vertical scroll position.
Public propertyView
Overrides the ListView.View property. Use ViewState instead.
Protected propertyViewState
Gets or sets how items are displayed in the ListView control.
Public propertyVirtualListSize
Not supported.
Public propertyVirtualMode
Not supported.
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