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ShellTreeNode Class

Represents an item of the Windows shell namespace in a ShellTreeView.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Jam.Shell
Assembly:  ShellBrowser (in ShellBrowser.dll) Version: 7.0
public class ShellTreeNode : TreeNode, 
	IShellItem, IJamShellItemVisuals, IJamShellItemOperations, ICheckableItem

The ShellTreeNode type exposes the following members.

Public methodShellTreeNode(ItemIdList, String, ShellTreeNode, Boolean)
Initializes a new instance of the ShellTreeNode class.
Public methodShellTreeNode(ItemIdList, String, ShellTreeNode, Boolean, Boolean)
Initializes a new instance of the ShellTreeNode class.
Public propertyAbsoluteItemIdList
Get the absolute ItemIdList of the item.
Public propertyChecked
This property calls CheckState and returns true only if the item is CheckState.Checked and false if in CheckState.Grayed or CheckState.UnChecked.
Public propertyCheckState
If the CheckBoxes property of the ShellTreeView is true then this property can be used to get or set the check state. If the value that is set changes the item's checkstate, and a ShellControlConnector is assigned to the ShellTreeView the item is contained in, the SelectionList will be updated accordingly.
Public propertyCut
Defines if the item's image should be shown ghosted or not.
Public propertyFullPath
Use to get the full path of this item.
Public propertyHasChildren
true, if this ShellTreeNode has subfolders; otherwise false.
Public propertyIsEnumerable
Gets a value indicating whether this instance is enumerable, i.e. if it's a folder and has or could have children.
Public propertyIsFolder
true if the current item is a folder; otherwise false.
Public propertyOverlayImage
The index of the overlay image in the system image list that should be shown in front of the normal icon. This property will only be set if the ShowOverlayIcons property of ShowOverlayIcons is set to true.
Public propertyParent
The parent ShellTreeNode, null if this is a root node.
Public propertySpecialFolder
SpecialFolder allows you to get the type of the currently listed folder.
Public propertyTreeView
The ShellTreeView that contains this item.
Public methodCreateFolder
Creates a new Folder if the ShellListNode is a Folder; may throw an Exception, see CreateDirectory(String) for the Exceptions that can occur
Public methodGetChildNode
Returns subnode with the given caption.
Public methodGetDataObject
Returns the Windows Shell IDataObject interface for this object wrapped into an instance of type DataObject.
Public methodInvertCheckState
This method inverts the CheckState of the ShellTreeNode instance. If the Item was checked it's state will be set to unchecked. If it was Grayed or UnChecked it will be Checked afterwards. If the Item is not associated (contained) in a ShellTreeView or the ShellTreeView has no ShellControlConnector assigned, this method does nothing and returns immediately. Furthermore the TreeView needs to have the CheckBoxes property enabled.
Public methodRefresh
Refresh this ShellTreeNode.
Public methodRefreshCheckState
Refreshes the value of the CheckState CheckSate property.
Public methodRefreshCheckState(ShellTreeNodeRefreshDirection)
Refreshes the value of the CheckState property recursively for the given direction.
Public methodRename(String)
Renames the file or folder that is referenced by this ShellTreeItem instance to the new name given as a parameter.
Protected methodRename(String, Boolean)
Renames the file or folder that is referenced by this ShellTreeItem instance to the new name given as a parameter.
Public methodSetIcon
Sets the icon.
Public methodSort
(Re-)Sorts the subnodes.
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