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Actions define what to do with messages that fulfill certain conditions. You can combine rules to achieve multiple actions like forwarding to more than one address. Here's a list of all available actions:


Insert [specified text] at the start of the subject

This action changes the subject in the specified way and appends the old subject in brackets.


Replace sender's address with [specified recipient]

POP3/IMAP's email address will be used as new sender address. You may use "[$HeaderValue(X-Some-HeaderEntry)$]" (without quotes) to use the value of a Header entry.


Replace [specified text] in message body

Replaces a text with another text in the content of an email.


Replace [specified text] in message header

Replaces a text with another text in the header of an email.


Create or replace [header field]

Creates a header field with the name and text you specified. Replaces a header field with the same name in case it already exists.


Replace [specified text] in message subject

Replaces a text with another text in the subject of an email.


Set priority to [specified value]

This action changes the priority of the message to the specified value.


Send copy to [specified recipient]

This action sends a copy of the message to a specified mail address. If the appropriate option is checked a copy will not be sent to the original SMTP account (Reroute).


Send copy to [specified SMTP server]

This action sends a copy of the message to a specified SMTP server. Username and password can also be entered if that server needs authentication.


Send auto reply to sender with following text: [specified text]

You can send a reply to the senders address. Attention: or using this action you need to setup your local SMTP/Exchange Server to allow relaying for SmartPOP2Exchange.


Save mail to [specified destination path]

Saves the mail to the specified folder as *.EML file in MIME format.


Save attachments to [specified destination path]

Saves only the attachments of the mail to the specified folder. It additionally allows you to create a folder for each recipient or sender.


Train Bayes with message as [Spam/Ham]

Use this action for accounts to automatically train the Bayes filter or set up a honey pot account.

Take care: the default setting of this condition is to not deliver (i.e. delete) the message after training the Bayes.

It makes no sense to use this action in combination with the messages declared as Spam condition since that  option is only used for training with undetected spam.

For an example on how to use the "train Bayes" action have a look at Spam Filter chapter.


Add sender addresses to the Black-/Whitelist

Adds all sender addresses to the auto-blacklist or auto-whitelist. (The auto lists are separate lists meaning entries on them are not shown in the spam settings lists)


Execute [file]

This action executes a specified file. This file must not prompt any user interaction or display any graphical user interface (GUI). GUI's will not be displayed.

The path to the current mail will be passed as first parameter and the SMTP recipient as second parameter.

The path to the current mail is either the path where the mail was last saved by SmartPOP2Exchange before. (e.g. the backup function, a rule that saved the message or a temporary saved file).


Forward without Attachment

This deletes all attachments from the message.


Forward without specific Attachment

All attachments of the message whose name contains one of the keywords will be deleted.


Send auto reply to sender with following text: [specified text]

Automatically sends the specified text to the sender.


Extract ZIP archives in message

Extracts all ZIP archives in the message. The files from the .ZIP archive will be added as attachments.


Do not apply other rules

Prevents that SmartPOP2Exchange will apply any other rule after the current one to the message.


Do not deliver message

This action should be the last action of a rule. Using further actions and rules after this action makes no sense. The mail will be deleted from the server without delivery.


Remove mail from backup

This action removes the mail from the backup.


Clean up header

This action should be placed before any other actions are applied to the header. This action "cleans" the header of mails sent by office 365. It replaces faulty Name-Value-Seperator.


Set SCL Value

This action defines the spam confidence level (SCL) value of the mail. This value is used by Microsoft Exchange. By default a value of 5 or greater marks the mail as spam.


info Take note of the order of the actions. The actions are applied in the same order as they are displayed under point 5 in the dialog.


info Please be careful with the "Delete" action. This should be the last action in the last rule because after deleting a message SmartPOP2Exchange can't apply any other action to it.