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All examples have the following preconditions:

the Account is named "Test account"

the SMTP settings are:  
- email: "Mail@example.com"
- Server: "www.example.com"

the POP3 settings are:  
- Server: "www.externaldomain.com
- Username: "test@externaldomain.com"


Rule 1: This rule checks the "From:" field to see if it contains "Info@Jam", the message should be forwarded to "Peter@example.com" and a message copy with a changed subject should be forwarded to the standard "Mail@example.com".


1.    Name the rule "Forward and mark";

2.Select "Messages with a [specified words] in the From header" from the conditions;
3.Select "Send copy to [specified recipient]" from the actions;
4.Select "Insert [specified] text at the start of the subject" from the actions;
5.Checkmark "Conditions are connected with:" to AND;
6.Click on "Messages with '...' in the From header" and enter "Info@Jam";
7.Click on "Send copy to '...' ", enter 'Peter@example.com' and leave 'Send copy to SMTP-accounts Email' selected;
8.Click on "Insert '...' at the start of the subject" and enter "Infomail";
9.Click Ok;


Rule 2: This rule checks for and deletes messages with attachments.


1.    Name the rule '"Delete attachment mail";

2.Select "Messages with any attachment" from the conditions;
3.Select "Do not deliver message" from the actions;
4.Leave "Conditions are connected with:" set to AND;
5.Click Ok;