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By selecting the menu item Settings in the File menu or the "Configuration" element of the AccountView you open the configuration form.







Sets the waiting period (in seconds) between two downloads. Valid values are numbers from 1 to 6400.


This value (in seconds) determines how long  SmartPOP2Exchange tries to download your messages. Valid values are numbers from 10 to 299.

Max. Messages

This field defines the maximum amount of messages  SmartPOP2Exchange downloads each time. Valid values are numbers from 10 to 999.

Check incoming messages

Enables the virus scan functionality of  SmartPOP2Exchange. If enabled,  SmartPOP2Exchange will use the integrated ClamAV or your installed antivirus software to check incoming mail. (click here for more details) Checking this option will create a global rule "Antivirus" using the "infected" condition.This rule will mark virus infected mail in the subject by default. If you like the rule to do something other (like deleting the attachments) you may edit the rule.

Use integrated ClamAV

Lets SmartPOP2Exchange use the integrated ClamAV.

Use the installed antivirus

Check this option, if you already have an antivirus software installed which supports OnAccess scanning.  (click here for more details)

Test virus scanner

Tests the current settings by saving a virus test file to your hard disk and sees, if the file is detected by ClamAV or your chosen virus scanner. If the antivirus software is able to find it,  SmartPOP2Exchange is set up with the correct settings for virus protection.

Save incoming mail...

If enabled, SmartPOP2Exchange will save a copy of every incoming message to your hard disk.

Backup path

Specifies where SmartPOP2Exchange will save the copy of every incoming message to.

Zip old mail backup folders

Instructs SmartPOP2Exchange to ZIP old mail backup folders.

Delete old backup mail

Set the number of days after that mail backups will be deleted.


On this form there are also some extra buttons available:


Spam filter settings

Opens the Spam filter settings form.

Account Wizard

Opens a Wizard to help you create a complete account with one SMTP account and one POP3 account.


Opens the Schedule settings form.

Spam Filter settings

Opens the Spam Filter Options form.


If you want to reset the configuration form, press the Undo button.



info Please notice that any changes you made will be applied only if you push the 'Save settings' button.