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Exchange Server Toolbox is a plugin for Microsoft's Exchange Server. A configurable spam filter allows to tag email messages that have been identified as spam. The popular SpamAssassin software is used to identify  spam email. Any installed virus scanners can be used to identify email messages that are infected by a virus or Trojan.

Exchange Server Toolbox enables you to make a backup of all incoming and outgoing email messages of your Exchange Servers SMTP.




For Exchange Server 2013/2016/2019 an agent is installed. The Exchange Server Toolbox service is contacted by the Exchange Server Toolbox Agent and processes the messages.


The Exchange Server 2013/2016/2019 calls the Exchange Server Toolbox Agent on the occurrence of the appropriate event. Then a timeout of 4 minutes will be used by the Exchange Server Toolbox Agent. If the Exchange Server Toolbox Agent takes longer than 4 minutes the Exchange Server ignores all changes the Exchange Server Toolbox Agent has made on the message and delivers it untouched.


The Exchange Server Toolbox comes with four main functions:


Backup of all incoming (including internal) and outgoing email (via SMTP).

Spamfilter with the integrated spam filter (SpamAssassin).

Virusscan with integrated anti-virus (ClamAV) or your installed anti-virus software.

Powerful rules engine to process your email.