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FileListItem Methods

The FileListItem type exposes the following members.

Protected methodAcquireImageIndecesViaThreadPool
Gets some properties of the item (e.g. icons) asynchronously.
(Overrides CustomFileListItemAcquireImageIndecesViaThreadPool.)
Protected methodAfterRename
Refreshes the item`s ItemIdLists, text and executes the PathWasRenamed methods
(Inherited from ShellListBaseItem.)
Public methodCompleteDetails
Completes the details of the ShellListBaseItem, given that it's ListView property is set, i.e. the item has been added to the listview.
(Inherited from ShellListBaseItem.)
Public methodCompleteDetails(JamBaseShellListView)
Completes the details of the ShellListBaseItem.
(Inherited from ShellListBaseItem.)
Public methodCompleteDetailsAsync
Completes details asynchronously.
(Inherited from ShellListBaseItem.)
Protected methodGetDetails
Loads some values, like the image index into the returned value. Method should not be called in main thread.
(Inherited from ShellListBaseItem.)
Public methodGetVariantValue
Gets the value for the specified column as variant.
(Inherited from ShellListBaseItem.)
Public methodInvertCheckState
This method inverts the CheckState of the ShellListItem instance. If the Item was checked it's state will be set to unchecked. If it was Grayed or UnChecked it will be Checked afterwards. If the Item is not associated (contained) in a ShellListView or the ShellListView has no ShellControlConnector assigned, this method does nothing and returns immediately. Furthermore the ListView needs to have the CheckBoxes property enabled.
(Inherited from ShellListBaseItem.)
Public methodRefreshCheckState
Refreshes the value of the CheckState CheckSate property by starting an asynchronous operation. Calling this method has no effect if the item is not part of a list, or has no ShellControlConnector assigned.
(Inherited from ShellListBaseItem.)
Protected methodRefreshGhostedState
Refreshes the ghosted state of the item, e.g. after a SmartRefresh.
(Inherited from ShellListBaseItem.)
Protected methodRefreshOverlayImageIndex
Refreshes the overlay image index of the item.
(Inherited from ShellListBaseItem.)
Public methodReload
Reloads the item. If an ItemIdList is passed it is refreshed and used as new absolute ItemIdList for the item.
(Inherited from ShellListBaseItem.)
Protected methodRemoveSubItem
Removes the subitem at the passed postion.
(Inherited from ShellListBaseItem.)
Public methodRename
Renames the item.
(Overrides ShellListBaseItemRename(String).)
Protected methodSetDetails
Applies the passed Details to the item.
(Inherited from ShellListBaseItem.)
Protected methodSetImageIndex (Inherited from ShellListBaseItem.)
Protected methodSetThumbnailBitmap
Adds the bitmap to the image collection of the imagelist, sets the image index of this item accordingly. Queues another work-item to obtain a real thumbnail later on
(Inherited from ShellListBaseItem.)
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