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ShellListBaseItem Class

Base class for list items used in derived classes. An instance usually represents an item of the windows shell namespace.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Jam.Shell
Assembly:  ShellBrowser (in ShellBrowser.dll) Version: 7.1
public abstract class ShellListBaseItem : ListViewItem, 
	IShellItem, IJamShellItemVisuals, IJamShellItemOperations, ICheckableItem

The ShellListBaseItem type exposes the following members.

Protected methodShellListBaseItem
The default constructor.
Public propertyAbsoluteItemIdList
Lazy loads and caches the ItemIdList corresponding to the complete path of the ListItem.
Protected propertyAbsoluteItemIdList_Internal
Simple getter/setter for the AbsoluteItemIdList of this element.
Public propertyChecked
This property calls CheckState and returns true only if the item is CheckState.Checked and false if in CheckState.Grayed or CheckState.UnChecked.
Public propertyCheckState
If the CheckBoxes property of the ShellListView is true then this property can be used to get or set the check state. If the value that is set changes the item's checkstate, and a ShellControlConnector is assigned to the ShellListView the item is contained in, the SelectionList will be updated accordingly.
Public propertyColumnInfoAvailable
Returns true if the columns have been added as subitems
Public propertyCut
Defines if the item's image should be shown ghosted or not.
Public propertyDetailsCompleted
Returns true if item details have already been loaded.
Public propertyFullPath
Use to get the full path of this item.
Public propertyIsFolder
Gets a value indicating whether this instance is a folder or a file.
Protected propertyItemIdListWorkItem
Holds a WorkItem running for this instance.
Public propertyOverlayImage
Gets or sets the "OverlayIndex" to use for the element. The index must be known as overlay in the ImageList.
Protected propertyQueuedCompleteDetailsWorkItem
Holds an already queued workitem to complete the item details, to avoid queuing more than 1 workitem per item.
Public propertyRelativeItemIdList
Get the relative PIDL of the current item.
Protected propertyRelativeItemIdList_Internal
ItemIdList of this item relative to the folder p_Path ItemIdList.
Public propertyShellListView
The same instance as ListView but typed as JamBaseShellListView.
Protected propertyTooltipWorkItem
Cache for the TooltipWorkItem to make sure only one is running at a time.
Protected propertyVariantColumnTexts
This array holds the column texts of the item. It`s filled in FillSubitems.
Protected methodAfterRename
Refreshes the item`s ItemIdLists, text and executes the PathWasRenamed methods
Public methodCompleteDetails
Completes the details of the ShellListBaseItem, given that it's ListView property is set, i.e. the item has been added to the listview.
Public methodCompleteDetails(JamBaseShellListView)
Completes the details of the ShellListBaseItem.
Public methodCompleteDetailsAsync
Completes details asynchronously.
Protected methodGetDetails
Loads some values, like the image index into the returned value. Method should not be called in main thread.
Public methodGetVariantValue
Gets the value for the specified column as variant.
Public methodInvertCheckState
This method inverts the CheckState of the ShellListItem instance. If the Item was checked it's state will be set to unchecked. If it was Grayed or UnChecked it will be Checked afterwards. If the Item is not associated (contained) in a ShellListView or the ShellListView has no ShellControlConnector assigned, this method does nothing and returns immediately. Furthermore the ListView needs to have the CheckBoxes property enabled.
Public methodRefreshCheckState
Refreshes the value of the CheckState CheckSate property by starting an asynchronous operation. Calling this method has no effect if the item is not part of a list, or has no ShellControlConnector assigned.
Protected methodRefreshGhostedState
Refreshes the ghosted state of the item, e.g. after a SmartRefresh.
Protected methodRefreshOverlayImageIndex
Refreshes the overlay image index of the item.
Public methodReload
Reloads the item. If an ItemIdList is passed it is refreshed and used as new absolute ItemIdList for the item.
Protected methodRemoveSubItem
Removes the subitem at the passed postion.
Public methodRename
Renames the item.
Protected methodSetDetails
Applies the passed Details to the item.
Protected methodSetImageIndex
Protected methodSetThumbnailBitmap
Adds the bitmap to the image collection of the imagelist, sets the image index of this item accordingly. Queues another work-item to obtain a real thumbnail later on
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