Global rules

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Global rules

By selecting the Global rules element of the Navigation Pane you open the global rules configuration form.





Add rule

Adds a new global rule to your account.

Edit rule

Edits a selected global rule.  

Copy rule

Copies a selected global rule within the current and to other accounts.  

Delete rule

Deletes selected global rule.

Up & Down buttons

Increases / decreases the position of the global rule in the rule list. The position defines when the rule will be applied to a message (the order goes from top to bottom).

Global Rules

Lists all applicable global rules. You can enable or disable them by checking or un-checking the list entry. To edit a rule double click on it.




info Please note that global rules are always applied prior to account rules.


info Please note that any changes you made will be applied only after pressing the 'Save settings' button.