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CustomFileListT Events

The CustomFileListT generic type exposes the following members.

Public eventCode exampleAddItem
This event is fired if a file is to be added to the listview. It is possible to change details of the item or to prevent adding the file by setting the CanAdd flag in the AddItemEventArgs to false.
Public eventBeforeInvokeCommandOnSelected
Assign this event to be able to control the behaviour of the control when the user double-clicks on an item to start the default action
(Inherited from SystemListView.)
Public eventBeforeShellColumnChanged
This event is fired when a column is selected/deselected from the context menu of the list header.
(Inherited from JamBaseShellListView.)
Public eventCode exampleBeforeShellCommand
This event is fired when a shell command is to be executed, ie. via the context menu It is possible to permit the execution of the shell command by modifying the BeforeShellCommandEventArgs
(Inherited from JamBaseShellListView.)
Public eventBeforeShellDrop
This event is fired before a ListView that inherits from JamBaseShellListView executes a shell drop.
(Inherited from JamBaseShellListView.)
Public eventCode exampleBeforeShowContextMenu
This event is called before the ShellContextMenu is displayed. You may use it to cancel the context menu appearing or to modify the custom menu entries in the ContextMenuStrip.
(Inherited from JamBaseShellListView.)
Public eventCheckStateChanged
This event is fired when the state of a checkbox was changed by the user or if it was changed internally via checkstate synchronization of other controls.
(Inherited from JamBaseShellListView.)
Public eventClearItems
This event occurs if the FileList is cleared by calling the clear() method.
Public eventCode exampleCreatedColumns
This event is fired after the columns were created.
(Inherited from JamBaseShellListView.)
Public eventHeaderRightClick
The event is triggered when the user right clicks on the column headers.
(Inherited from SystemListView.)
Public eventInitialized
This event is fired after the initialization of the component.
(Inherited from JamBaseShellListView.)
Public eventItemChecked
Occurs when the checked state of an item was changed by the user.
(Inherited from JamBaseShellListView.)
Public eventItemListChanged
This event occurs if the FileList changed, ie. an item was removed, added or the list is cleared.
Public eventItemShowToolTip
This event occurs if the user moved the mouse over a listview item so a tooltip can appear, this event also occurs if no ToolTipText is set, it can be added dynamically.
(Inherited from SystemListView.)
Public eventLoadItem
This event is called, when the data for an item is loaded.
(Inherited from JamBaseShellListView.)
Public eventOperationPerformed
This event is fired after a JamBaseShellListView executed a shell operation like copying.
(Inherited from JamBaseShellListView.)
Public eventRemoveItem
This event is issued if a file is removed from the listview.
Public eventShowOptionChanged
This event is fired after a display option, like e.g. the ViewState changed.
(Inherited from JamBaseShellListView.)
Public eventCode exampleThumbnailUpdated
This event is fired for each item in Thumbnail view. It can be used to update the thumbnail.
(Inherited from JamBaseShellListView.)
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