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SFGAOF Enumeration

Indicate flags used by IShellFolder2 GetAttributesOf() method to specify the requested attributes.

Namespace:  Jam.Shell
Assembly:  ShellBrowser.Core (in ShellBrowser.Core.dll) Version: 7.1
public enum SFGAOF
  Member nameValueDescription
SFGAO_CANCOPY1 The specified items can be copied.
SFGAO_CANMOVE2 The specified items can be moved.
SFGAO_CANLINK4 Shortcuts can be created for the specified items.
SFGAO_STORAGE8 The specified items can be bound to an IStorage interface through BindToObject(IID_IStorage)
SFGAO_CANRENAME16 The specified items can be renamed.
SFGAO_CANDELETE32 The specified items can be deleted.
SFGAO_HASPROPSHEET64 The specified items have property sheets.
SFGAO_DROPTARGET256 The specified items are drop targets.
SFGAO_CAPABILITYMASK375 This flag is a mask for the capability flags.
SFGAO_ENCRYPTED8192 The specified items are encrypted.
SFGAO_ISSLOW16384 Indicates that accessing the object (through IStream or other storage interfaces) is a slow operation. Applications should avoid accessing items flagged with SFGAO_ISSLOW.
SFGAO_GHOSTED32768 The specified items are ghosted icons.
SFGAO_LINK65536 The specified items are shortcuts.
SFGAO_SHARE131072 The specified folder objects are shared.
SFGAO_READONLY262144 The specified items are read-only. In the case of folders, this means that new items cannot be created in those folders.
SFGAO_HIDDEN524288 The item is hidden and should not be displayed unless the Show hidden files and folders option is enabled in Folder Settings.
SFGAO_DISPLAYATTRMASK1032192 This flag is a mask for the display attributes.
SFGAO_FILESYSANCESTOR268435456 The specified folders contain one or more file system folders.
SFGAO_FOLDER536870912 The specified items are folders. (supports BindToObject(IID_IShellFolder))
SFGAO_FILESYSTEM1073741824 The specified folders or file objects are part of the file system (that is, they are files, directories, or root directories).
SFGAO_HASSUBFOLDER-2147483648 The specified folders have subfolders (and are, therefore, expandable in the left pane of Windows Explorer).
SFGAO_VALIDATE16777216 When specified as input, SFGAO_VALIDATE instructs the folder to validate that the items pointed to by the contents of apidl exist.
SFGAO_REMOVABLE33554432 The specified items are on removable media or are themselves removable devices.
SFGAO_COMPRESSED67108864 The specified items are compressed.
SFGAO_BROWSABLE134217728 The specified items can be browsed in place.
SFGAO_NONENUMERATED1048576 The items are nonenumerated items.
SFGAO_NEWCONTENT2097152 The objects contain new content.
SFGAO_CANMONIKER4194304 It is possible to create monikers for the specified file objects or folders.
SFGAO_HASSTORAGE4194304 Not supported.
SFGAO_STREAM4194304 Indicates that the item has a stream associated with it that can be accessed by a call to BindToObject(IID_IStream) with IID_IStream in the riid parameter.
SFGAO_STORAGEANCESTOR8388608 Children of this item are accessible through IStream or IStorage. Those children are flagged with SFGAO_STORAGE or SFGAO_STREAM.
SFGAO_STORAGECAPMASK1891958792 This flag is a mask for the storage capability attributes.
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